Blazers Battle Ice Dawgs, Come Up Short

By: Reed Gossard

Occasionally, the ice rink can sound like a chicken coop as the refs fill the air with chirps from their whistles.

Too many whistles means to many penalty minutes and too much time in the penalty box, a tough position to be in when trying to win a hockey game.

Such was the case Friday night for the UAB Blazers, as extended penalty minutes lead to four Ice Dawg goals and a loss in a game where the score did not reflect the spirit of competition on the ice.

After three straight goals from Georgia, Jakob Hornsby netted one for the Blazers, squeezing the puck ino the corner of the goal to make it 3-1.

Taking some momentum from the Hornsby goal into the intermission, the Blazers played the Ice Dawgs with ferocious effort, but extended minutes  in the penalty box began to wear down any chance at a comeback.

The Blazers (4-2) will take on the Tennessee Volunteers next weekend in a rematch of a Blazer sweep on opening weekend. UAB will be home next on November 30th, when they face the Mississippi State Bulldogs.