Weekend Recap: Blazers Go 1-1 in ATL, Improve to 3-1 on Season

By: Reed Gossard

Sometimes, when all you want is a nice two scoop waffle cone, life gives you a banana split.

The UAB Blazers lost Friday night 5-2 to a deep Georgia Tech team, and then rebounded  Saturday evening to dominate Lynn University 6-2 to draw even on the weekend as they head home to face Auburn next week.

After the loss to Georgia Tech, the Blazers kept their heads in a very physical game with Lynn University. Dickinson, Zbell, Hornsby, Fulgenzi, Cordeau, and Schilling all scored a goal each, while Gasparek, Gaskins, Phil and Matt Zbell all tallied assists.

There were seventy-four combined penalty minutes played for both teams, a staggering amount. In games where players are spending extended minutes in the penalty box, a solid penalty kill is crucial to winning the game.

Yves Cordeau, on how to execute when the other team is a man up on the ice: “Defending a penalty kill is all about discipline. You have to keep your head on a swivel and your feet moving constantly in order to always be in the right position. It’s emotional, too. Getting in the way of a slapshot is nerve-racking but the feeling of icing the puck after a good block gives a sense of relief right up until they start charging at you again.”

Aaron Roe was stout in the net as well, highlighted by an athletic kick save. Asked about it, his response was, “The guy was coming down my left wing and he was trying to do this move that they’d been doing all game, where they pull the puck across the crease and try to tuck it in back door. I read it as he was coming down and tried to poke check it but I missed. I knew I had to get over as quick as I could so I tried to kick my right leg out as fast as I could to save it. And then my defense cleared it out. Had my defense not been in position, that would have been a goal.”

UAB plays Auburn this weekend in what should be a hard-hitting, barn-stormer of a game this Friday night in Columbus, Georgia.

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